Covenant Capital Management

About CCM

Since its foundation in September of 1999, CCM has attempted to identify and exploit non-random market behaviors in a systematic manner. CCM is a boutique investment manager that provides a non-traditional return stream to HNW and institutional clients around the world.
CCM offers a variety of trading programs focused on US Equities and Volatility. These programs are each designed to complement and enhance a client’s broader investment portfolio.
Additionally, CCM’s programs may be combined in various ways to create all-weather, alternative asset return streams that offer excellent risk-adjusted returns.
Presently CCM offers four distinctive trading programs that continue to deliver on our commitment to being ‘A smart addition to an intelligent portfolio’.
CCM does not solicit clients. For information on how to participate in the Company’s offerings please click here to be connected to an appropriate registered representative who can qualify and assist you in accessing the Company’s program offerings.